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Semia Limited was founded in 2000 and is the partner of LEGO® Education in China and Hong Kong and we are now bringing our unique approach of learning to the United States.

We are inspiring the next generation of inventors and innovators through our services in afterschool programs and school systems throughout Asia. Semia's afterschool programs, education centers and robotic clubs have enabled more students to engage in LEGO® based STEM Education programs. Currently all major cities in China feature LEGO® Education centers, with approximately 20 directly managed centers and over 100 franchise centers.

In order to foster more student innovation talent, Semia has grown, organized and supported numerous global robotics programs including the FIRST™ LEGO® League Jr., FIRST™ LEGO® League, FIRST™ Tech Challenge, FIRST™ Robotics Competition and the World Robot Olympiad™. These programs have allowed hundreds of thousands of teachers, students, and volunteers to connect in China through these global robotics programs.

In January of 2010, Semia represented LEGO® in China to work with the Chinese Ministry of Education and LEGO® Group to enact the “Technology Education Fosters Innovative Talent” Project.

Within this project, 400 secondary and primary schools were selected around the country to develop innovative technology and teach general technology skills by creating core teaching talent in the area of technological research. Both parties also organized innovative events and competitions to develop student technology learning.

In 2016 Semia received the Best Education Technology Company - China award from APAC Business for their dedication of providing state-of-the-art STEM products and learning materials such as LEGO® Education, Scratch programming language and Virtual Robotics Software to Chinese schools, learning institutions and afterschool learning centers.

Corporate Mission

Semia’s Corporate Mission is to nurture 21st century skills to students with fun and exciting STEM activities. We are a believer of LEGO® Education’s learning-by-making philosophy. We want to engage children in interesting hands-on challenges that are meaningful to them, challenges they can relate to in their daily lives. Through our curriculums and challenges, we hope children will learn to solve problems, work in teams, learn to communicate effectively, and think creatively, and most important, be self-confident, as long as they work hard. The word "Semia" is the English form of the Spanish word “Semilla” meaning seed. The educational values planted by this seed have grown into a towering forest. Semia has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Boston with work spaces in Shandong, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan.


Our curriculum targets the interest of children at different ages. Semia uses examples of real life situations to inspires our future inventors to think, problem solve and to understand the world around them. Our Programs includes Afterschool programs, ongoing classes, Holiday Workshops and Teacher Training, as well as STEM Experience Day for Schools.

We offer a full year of activities broken down into 4 sections that can be used for year-round learning, summer sessions and camps, robotic clubs, or as part of a school year afterschool program. Contact us to learn how to incorporate our unique programs into your child's future at contact@semiausa.com

Learning Centers

With over 170 centers across China and Hong Kong, Semia strive to bring world class afterschool centers worldwide. Our centers feature bright, inviting learning spaces where children are encouraged to explore their imagination through Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics. Semia has created an afterschool program that nurtures learning through play to help prepare them for the 21st century while having fun.