Preferred Robotics Entry Policy (PREP)

Is the gateway for universities and colleges around the world to admit robotics minded students in China through the renowned FIRST™ series of youth robotics programs. Institutions of higher learning participating in the PREP Program gain new inroads to international admissions through robotics and exclusive methods to improve international branding.


Allows universities to gain a new outlet for conducting international admissions in China. This represents the largest share of international students in the United States, accounting for over 300,000 students in 2016. As more and more students travel abroad to study a continuing challenge remains: How to attract the right international students for your university?

Year Round Service

PREP member schools enjoy a full year long of services with exclusive access to qualified students. Hundreds of events, media outlets, regional partners and staff work year round to build your school’s reputation and develop interest in schools that provide the best fit for the university and the student. Within these programs, students form teams to build and program robots.






The PREP Difference

The PREP program was first unveiled at the FIRST™ China International Finals in Shanghai in June 2017.

Universities from Australia and the United States arrived in Shanghai and received a full schedule of interviews with prospective students, their own exclusive interview space, a translator, hotel accommodations, seminars with other Chinese partner high schools and students, branding rights to an audience of over 3,000 people in attendance and more. From this event, over 30 offers of acceptance and over 400,000 USD in scholarships were awarded to students on site.

The Interview

At the core of the PREP program is the interview.

Through the FIRST™ China Robot Maker App, students select PREP partner schools that match their interests and sign up for an interview time. When the PREP member school admissions personnel arrive in China, they are presented with a schedule of student interviews, an interview station decorated to their request, and a full dossier on each student including transcripts, letters of recommendations, personal achievements and completed application forms.

Unique Admissions

Want to make your admissions unique?

The PREP program is not just about connecting students, it’s about making your school stand out.You can:

  • Offer early acceptances and scholarships to target sophomore and junior students building interest in your school early
  • Promote the students you select on a national level in China, building your school’s reputation
  • Make STEM a criterion for admissions through interviews at robotics competitions

National Kickoff Roadshow

PREP Member schools are included in the annually held FIRST™ Kickoff Roadshow

Which formally kicks off the multi-program FIRST™ competition season in the Fall of each year. The first ever roadshow was headed off by none other than FIRST™ founder Dean Kamen and is a national tour of key cities that run FIRST™ programs with full day seminars, speeches and more for attending parents, students, teachers and administrators. Roadshow attendance strongly connects PREP member schools with the FIRST™ brand in China.