STEAM Solutions

The Semia Afterschool Programs are based on LEGO® Education and STEM programs that have been developed by cutting edge professionals in the fields of science, engineering and education. Our focus is to inspire children from 3 to 12+ years old to explore their imagination in a creative environment that encourage the love of learning. Each program is developed by educational specialists to meet the specific developmental needs of children as they grow. The programs are based on topics. Each topic supports specific learning areas and each session has individual learning goals.

Learning is at the very heart of Semia's core values. Collaborating with cutting edge professionals in the field, our Afterschool Division has accumulated three decades of solid research results in child development and effective learning experience. We offer "an education that will last a lifetime".

Semia with LEGO® Education established the first pilot LEGO® Education centers in Shanghai and Beijing in 2004, and currently have 170+ centers across 50 cities in China. We look forward to bringing this excitement to the States and be part of life long learning and afterschool programs everywhere.

To learn more about our centers across China: Visit Here.

Lego Education